GTC Portfolio Show

The Portfolio Show was great! It was so amazing to have my work displayed in a gallery! I even sold one of my frames! 🙂  I got to see a lot of people.  I had a blast!

Me and my girls!!! I love these fabulous ladies!!! Congrats to us all!

Couldn’t have made it without this girl. Romina was always there with encouragement during the most difficult times. Her friendship is such a blessing. I really am going to miss this sweet lady!  Didn’t we look so cute?! We go together like Ketchup and Mustard! haha

I love this girl! Shannon is such a fun person to be around. She’s so beautiful and talented. We had a lot of great times together! 🙂

Brannan’s family! 🙂

My handsome fiance! What a great encouragement and support he was to me! I love him dearly!


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