Asher’s First Birthday

I was invited to join Asher and his friends and family to celebrate his very first birthday party!  It was so much fun!  He had a ball pit, a jumper, and a science show!  It was seriously the best birthday party I’ve ever been to.  Asher had so much fun, as well as everyone else.  You should have seen him when it came time for the cake smash!  Asher is apparently a healthy eater.  He loves his fruits and vegetables.  This birthday cake seemed rather foreign to Asher as first, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.  He eventually took to it, and had a good time playing with the monkey decoration that came on it.

There’s no doubt about it that this boy is definitely loved by his family.  His parents went all out for this birthday boy, as they should.  This birthday party was put in order to celebrate Asher’s first year of life.  Asher will be able to look back at these pictures in the future and remember not only his first birthday, but also to remember and recognize the love his family possesses for him.  Having me there to photograph every fun-filled moment was well worth it.  It allowed his parents to focus on entertaining and having fun.  They didn’t have to stress about taking photos themselves.  I took care of that, and did it in a professional way.  I am so glad they contacted me to do this.  I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to preserve that special day through my lens.

Asher_1 Asher_2 Asher_3 Asher_4 Asher_5 Asher_6 Asher_7 Asher_8 Breath Of Light Imagery

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