Help Wanted :{ Part-Time Job available }:

Breath Of Light Imagery is seeking help with publication submissions. We are looking for someone who can help us part-time with this task.

Photography experience is not necessarily required. However, access to a computer with (preferably high-speed) internet is a major requirement. The right candidate should obtain sufficient writing skills, computer skills, and the ability to easily pick up on website navigation and use. A witty, friendly, and fun personality is a plus.

This part-time position runs through October 31, 2015. Work hours may vary. We are simply asking for someone to update our albums for publication online and send submissions to potential editors from time to time. This task includes downloading our images, uploading those images online to our publication service’s albums, searching our publication service for potential requests from editors, and submitting those albums to the editors. Payment is in the form of photography services and products from Breath Of Light Imagery.

This job would be ideal for someone who has some spare time on their hands at home and would appreciate free photography in return.

More information about Breath Of Light Imagery can be found on our website.

If you wish to apply, simply submit your application online at Please feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions about this position.

  1. Silvia Perdomo says:

    Hi Tara! Does Romina can apply for this position? I don’t know but I sent the information to her. Your baby is so cute and handsome!!!

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