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With the recent activity concerning the lives of our law enforcement officers, my heart is heavy. My prayers go out to the families that have lost loved ones during these trying times. There’s really nothing I can do to end all this and replace it with world peace. But I can pray. And I can extend my gratitude toward those who diligently work toward keeping us all safe.

From my own experience, I can relate with law-enforcement families. In support of these special families, I’m choosing to offer a discount on digital collections for all families of law enforcement! Why? Because pictures matter. Because the time is now to capture the moments that aren’t promised tomorrow. Because it may be all you have left one day. Because I appreciate you. Because you deserve a grateful pat on the back.

Thank you, officers, for your service. I know what your job encompases. I know why you do what you do. I know the toll it takes on your family life. Thank you, wives/husbands of officers, for supporting your warriors, for spending nights alone, for praying protection over your husbands/wives as they seek to protect the community. Thank you, sons and daughters, for being the very motivation and drive behind all this, for sharing the time you have with your daddy/mommy, for all the hugs and kisses that make coming home even better.

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Tara Wilburn
Breath Of Light Imagery

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Offer valid to any and all members of law enforcement currently employed by any law enforcement branch/department. To retain this law enforcement discount on digital collections, proof of service is required. Therefore, before the discount is applied a general portrait of the officer in uniform must be submitted to info@breathoflightimagery before the pictures are released in the gallery provided by Breath Of Light Imagery. Said discount of 20% is offered on digital collections only, with the purchase of a session fee. Discount will be provided upon request. Offer is subject to change and/or cancellation.

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