Pink, Navy, and Lavendar Wedding at The Braselton Stover House ::{ Athens, Georgia Photographer }::

You guys. I’m in love with these fabulous wedding colors! The soft pinks and purples contrasted by such a rich navy is eye candy to me! This was my very first time shooting at this venue. Even though we had a brief monsoon pass before things at the venue began, that didn’t stop this day from flourishing. When my assistant and I arrived at the gorgeous Braselton Stover House we knew we were in for a treat! This 1916 historic house in Braselton, Georgia is a dream and has become one of my favorite local wedding venues in Jackson County. Why? Because first of all, the visuals of this light and airy place brings joy my southern soul. And most importantly the staff was incredibly helpful and amazing; I enjoyed hearing about their new undergoing plans for the venue and I can’t wait to shoot here again!

When I first met with Stephanie and Joe, I really felt a connection with the two of them. When they were sharing their love story with me, they made it a point to tell me that they are a Christian couple which made my heart do the happy dance and immediately affirmed common ground! As I got to hear more about their wedding plans I was eager to be a part of them. During their Engagement Session is when the chemistry between the two of them really began to unfold before me. They are so incredibly sweet together. I just love the way Joe adores Stephanie, complimenting her on her beauty with sincere pash.

The Porter wedding was filled with several sentimental items. My favorite detail above all was the locket picture on the bride’s bouquet, in remembrance of Stephanie’s mother. That sentiment made it feel as though she was there with us in spirit. And can you believe that Glenna, the Matron of Honor, made the garter and the going-away dress?! I am so impressed! I can’t even sew a button! Such talent is astonishing to me! I am so honored to be the choice photographer for this precious couple’s wedding day.Porter_071616_048Porter_071616_060Porter_071616_059Porter_071616_036Porter_071616_035Porter_071616_064Porter_071616_041Porter_071616_047Porter_071616_097Porter_071616_108Porter_071616_085.JPGPorter_071616_125Porter_071616_133Porter_071616_139Porter_071616_171Porter_071616_167Porter_071616_186Porter_071616_185Porter_071616_191Porter_071616_197Porter_071616_210Porter_071616_222Porter_071616_224Porter_071616_066Porter_071616_233Porter_071616_227Porter_071616_231Porter_071616_229Porter_071616_237Porter_071616_240Porter_071616_239Porter_071616_279Porter_071616_313Porter_071616_311Porter_071616_291Porter_071616_280Porter_071616_322Porter_071616_325Porter_071616_326Porter_071616_336Porter_071616_345Porter_071616_347Porter_071616_362Porter_071616_452Porter_071616_357Porter_071616_458Porter_071616_340Porter_071616_497Porter_071616_486Porter_071616_481Porter_071616_516Porter_071616_050Porter_071616_660Porter_071616_672Porter_071616_658Porter_071616_667Porter_071616_605Porter_071616_613Porter_071616_606Porter_071616_614Porter_071616_639Porter_071616_642

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