Donald + Megan ::{ Lithonia, Georgia Maternity Photographer }::

When Megan shared with me what she was envisioning for her maternity session, she mentioned that she would love to do her maternity session at a barn in the middle of a field. Barns don’t particularly symbolize anything substantial in her life, it’s just what her mind’s eye saw when she imagined what she wanted her maternity session to look like.

Little did Megan know, I have what I refer to as a “bucket list” of locations I haven’t yet had the opportunity to photograph at. These locations are unique and intriguing places that I’m itching to stomp the grounds of with my camera at hand! And I had a spot on that list that was perfect for what Megan had in mind!

Donald and Megan graciously met with me at this barn at sunrise, which I know for a mama in her third trimester is early! Despite the fact that our coffee hadn’t quite kicked in yet, we totally rocked this session! The light was magical! The photos were everything I had hoped they would be! They did absolutely fantastic!

Do you know that Megan gave birth to her precious baby boy just 4 days after shooting this maternity session?! I’m so glad we were able to do it just in the knick of time! Thankfully, we didn’t get rained out or something!

I’m so glad that I was able to photograph such beautiful portraits of Megan and Donald! They are such a cute and sweet couple and I just know they will do so well as parents!

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