Reneé + Michael ::{ Athens, Georgia Wedding Photographer }::

I met Reneé at my bridal show in January, and in less than 3 months later she and Michael married. I vividly remember our first conversation at my booth and we really seemed to hit it off because we realized in a short time how much we have in common. For starters, she’s a fan of Say Yes To The Dress and recognized me from our episode from eons ago! From there we got to talking about reality shows in general and as it turns out we both have auditioned for American Idol before! How crazy! I knew we were star-crossed friends from that point on.

How Reneé and Michael met was a little bit more casual, yet still a divine arrangement. They both were in the UGA scene during the same time and simply met through mutual friends, where things really took off between the two of them. They both are really into agriculture and FFA was a common interest that brought them together as well. Michael proposed to Reneé over Thanksgiving break by putting a ring in a cupcake! She obviously thought his proposal for marriage was too sweet to pass up!

Their wedding day, though a bit drizzly, was chock full of warm fuzzy moments that were sweet and sentimental. Reneé never fails to keep spirits high with her humorous personality, so hanging out with the girls as they finished up with hair and makeup was a lot of fun. Of course, the guys were just as hilarious! You don’t even want to know what it took to get some legitimate smiles out of Michael! His groomsmen did not disappoint in getting the groom to let loose. Joyful tears were flowing as Reneé’s parents marveled at the beautiful bride their little girl had grown up to become. Even their church ceremony service was emotionally moving, especially when the couple took communion with their beloved guests.

We wrapped the evening up by taking portraits of the couple at The Colonel’s B&B, which made for outstanding portraits! As if the historical house wasn’t gorgeous enough, we also had this pretty little barn to work with which was stunning! I love the chic modern look of farmhouses, and this definitely was feeding my inner farmhouse appetite! And we met a few furry friends on this adventure, too! A barn cat and a horse had no problem invading our space, and we absolutely loved their company! And how perfect is it that they both actually match the barn itself?! I was in love!

I am so grateful to have met Reneé and Michael, and I wish them nothing but the best for their future together as husband and wife. Who knows, maybe Reneé and I will tackle another reality show together?!

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