Kaity + Joe

The best part about this wedding was that this couple kept everything authentically themselves. Combining the best and most unique parts of their personalities into their wedding event was truly an exceptional thing to witness. The invitations had replicated artwork from the first Valentine card Joe had given Kaity. Kaity wore her mother’s wedding dressshe wore 25 years prior, which was also her grandmother’s wedding dress from 54 years ago. Incorporating their favorite Star Wars prop, light sabers were enjoyed by many on the lawn. Among many other purposful details, there were tributes to all 4 Joe’s in the combining family–a coffee stand and catering by Brooklyn Joes of Dawsonville. It was definitely a day that will never be forgotten!

I wish Kaity + Joe the best for their future together. I’ve known Kaity since she was a child and to watch her grow up into an upstanding woman brings joy to my heart. And even though I haven’t known Joe, it is evident that he is an absolute delight. The two of them together makes perfect sense and I am so happy for the love they’ve found.

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