As a seasoned wedding photographer with 14 years of experience capturing countless love stories, I’ve seen it all – from picture-perfect moments to unexpected mishaps. Through my journey, I’ve come to understand the importance of compatibility between couples and their chosen photographer, effective communication to align visions, and maintaining a flexible mindset to navigate any twists and turns on the big day.

Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

March 5, 2024

You guys, I just exhibited in my very first bridal show! With the recent rebrand that took place in my business, I really felt like I needed to pump up my marketing game this year. Exhibiting in a bridal show was my method of choice and I am so glad I did it! God is […]

Did I see you at the bridal show?

January 22, 2018

Tara Wilburn, photographer in Athens, Georgia, announces a rebrand in her business name!

Rebranding to Tara Wilburn Photography ::{ Athens, Georgia wedding and engagement photographer }::

December 3, 2017