Did I see you at the bridal show?

You guys, I just exhibited in my very first bridal show! With the recent rebrand that took place in my business, I really felt like I needed to pump up my marketing game this year. Exhibiting in a bridal show was my method of choice and I am so glad I did it! God is so good!

While planning and putting this entire gig together was a huge labor of love, it was also very gratifying to showcase my photography. From the very beginning I knew this was going to be a lot of work to put together. I had a vision from the start of what this all would look like and I was definitely set on the “go big or go home” mentality. I knew I wanted to keep everything clean, light, and airy; a reflection of my brand and style. Keeping that theme going I made most everything consistently white throughout so that my imagery would be the focal point. I was so happy with how it all turned out! I wanted the standing wall to resemble a shiplap wall, because…. JoAnna Gaines is my home girl! The beautiful flower arrangement came from a fellow exhibitor, JL Designs! One of the most sentimental details about my booth was that I used some things that were a part of my own wedding—my bridesmaids’ (homemade) fabric bouquets! Even though I am not a superstitious person, those bouquets definitely felt like good luck charms 🙂

I got to mingle with hundreds of brides as they plan their upcoming wedding. Meeting new people is a lot like a fun hobby to me! I get to do that a lot being in the wedding industry already, so this show was a lot of fun for me just by simply getting to shake new hands and see new faces!

I have often said that when I was planning my wedding over 5 years ago, I wish I would have attended a bridal show. It’s not only a fun celebration of your engagement, it’s also a great opportunity to meet a ton of vendors and get inspired by all of the wedding ideas floating around at each booth! Not to mention, the show specials and enter-to-win contests you are able to be a part of! In fact, I offered an incredible prize that 132 brides entered to win! As well as a show special for any attending bride who booked their wedding with me! I might just be crazy! But I am also one who gets a kick out of giving to others! Like, I’m a such a hot-mess crying sap when watching “Undercover Boss” or “Fixer Upper“!!!… Oh darn, how many times are you allowed to talk about JoJo in one blog post? I wonder if she would like to design my next booth!!

Anyway, here are some photos from the show! Maybe I’ll see you at the next one!! Huge thanks to all those who gave me advice, prayed for me, labored with me, and even proofread things for me! You know who you are and you’re such an encouragement! Here’s to TWP!!

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