Mr. + Mrs. Baker: Constance Manor Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Baker tied the knot at the Constance Manor in Winder, GA this passed weekend! It was my first time shooting at this venue and I was just amazed by all of the beautiful details throughout the house.  The manor was gorgeous and the staff were so great!  My favorite thing about the venue is the willow tree out front.  That tree was so green and pretty, and made for something really fun to shoot through and around.  Although we were fighting off rain clouds that day, it sure did make for some beautiful portrait lighting! Yay!

Jessica + Jacob are a fantastic couple!  I was able to capture some really sweet moments between the two of them.  This couple had absolutely no shakes about being in front of the camera, and they sure had visual connection down pat.  It was as if the world around them didn’t even exist.  When they are together they just lock into each other’s eyes and at that moment, nothing else matters.  Just seeing their love for each other is a blessing to me.  Love like that is rare and valuable. I had so much fun at their wedding, and I can’t wait for you to see the magic they created before my camera.

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