Meet The Need: Maysville Baptist Church

My church came to me in hopes that I could put an inspirational video project together to help get the word out about their next campaign, “Meet The Need.”  I took them up on that opportunity because I believed in the campaign and I wanted their video to be effective.  We set up interviews with the staff of Maysville Baptist Church and let them express their concerns about future growth and space, as well as how that integrates with our Hands Up ministry.

I hope you like the video, as I spent much time working on it.  More importantly, I hope this video reveals the reality that there is still a huge debt owed on our current facility.  We come to church every week.  We sit in the chairs.  We drink from the water fountain. We listen to a God-given message from a wonderful pastor.  We hang out in our Sunday School classes.  We volunteer to help out in various ministries.  We act like everything is gravy.  But everything is not gravy.  Do you realize that we are in a predicament?  We owe $1.2 million!!!!  That’s a lot of money!  But here’s the kicker; we are outgrowing our building!  We need to build onto or build a new building, and we need to do it soon.  But right now, our debt is hindering us from expanding.  So what are we to do now?  Let’s start by giving in addition to your tithe.  My wish for this video is that you will be motivated to give greatly at the exposure of the reality of our situation.

The Hands Up ministry encompasses the Food Pantry and the Clothes Closet.  In the near future we would like to see more sources of reaching out to our community such as GED classes and computer training classes.  When we reach out to our community, we are also extending an invitation to these beloved people to visit and/or join our church.  It’s fantastic when we come to church and see those who we have reached out to right there along with us in the fellowship of God’s house.  But if we keep growing (and we will if we prepare the way), where are we going to put these people?  If they come and there is no room for them, do you think they would leave?

It’s a big task.  But our God is bigger.  You can do your part in being faithful and obedient to God’s prompts in giving to this campaign.  But will you?

[vimeo 65247643 w=500 h=281]

Meet The Need (Promotional Video 2013) | Maysville Baptist Church | Maysville, GA from Tara Wilburn on Vimeo.

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