Maddie + Whit at Perimeter Church ::{ Sugarloaf Georgia Wedding Photographer }::

I’m so excited to share this Perimeter Church wedding with you today, friends! This late-fall wedding was the last wedding I had on the books for the remainder of 2017. It’s so hard to believe that we’re onto another great year. I’m looking forward to what 2018 has in store! For Maddie and Whit, 2017 was full of transitions, as most engaged couples are when on the brinks of their big day. Finishing college, finding work, relocating, and of course planning a wedding—you could say they had quite a busy year. I’m sure they’re looking forward to 2018 as a time they can both slow things down and enjoy life together being newlyweds.

The wedding day was here. As soon as the ladies arrived into the bridal suite, you could tell they all were so eager and excited to be a part of each moment of the day. Maddie’s mom, Connie, and I had not yet met in person but only had chatted over the phone—states apart. We immediately picked up right where we left off as soon as she saw me at the church that afternoon. She was incredibly friendly and full of happiness; honestly, everyone there that day was. Connie’s just so great at making you feel welcome—like you’re already a part of the family! Whit surprised Maddie with a beautiful bracelet and a heartfelt letter he had written to her in a journal. Urgently and frequently requesting her handkerchief from her sister who had “hanky duty”, Maddie tried her hardest to fight back tears as she read the words from Whit. Shortly after regaining strength, Maddie’s father walked in the room. There is something so undeniably special about the moment when a father sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding day, all dolled up and radiant. There were lots of emotions going on in that bridal suite! #allthefeels could not have been a more appropriate hashtag for those moments!

After finishing up some amazing portraits of Maddie and her girls, we tucked Maddie behind a corner of a wall outside so that when Whit walked out he wouldn’t be able to see her. Once we had them in place, the two of them connected hands at the corner, and they shared a moment together in prayer. Since they didn’t want to take anything away from their first glimpse of each other down the aisle, they were good during this corner moment and refrained from any peeking.

My favorite part of Maddie and Whit’s ceremony was that there was a designated chunk of time for congregational worship. Taking that time to engage with God, draw near to Him, and sing praise to Him before proceeding to exchanging vows was reverent and beautiful. I feel it was very important for them to do that. There was a sense of unity and love there in that chapel. You could feel the warmth and sincerity of both Maddie and Whit in what they were promising to one another, as well as to our heavenly Father.

Right after Maddie and Whit had their first kiss as husband and wife, they met with me outside for bride and groom portraits. These portraits were taken before sunset, so the light was incredibly soft and romantic. I was very pleased with how well the chemistry between the two of them were captured in the photographs I took. Immediately after stepping foot on the grounds of TPC Sugarloaf, we photographed the entire wedding party outside in front of of the porch of the clubhouse. Using supplemental lighting, we were able to get some really nice and dramatic photos before heading into the reception area.

Maddie and Whit, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this special day. It was such a pleasure to have worked with you and your family. You guys were a pleasure to get to know, and I pray your future together is nothing short of lovely. Always be an encouragement toward one another. Always forgive. And always, always love.


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