Titus Turns Three ::{ Athens, Georgia Child Photographer }::

Today I did something that was long overdue. I took my son, Titus, out for portraits! I often hear my fellow photography friends say they have the hardest time getting photos of their own kids. Each year I am understanding that more and more. I’m glad I was able to catch these sweet photos in between some crazy toddler moments!

Celebrating his third birthday last weekend was a lot of fun in the mix of our small family get-together in our home. He had such a great time playing with his cousin and getting to see the new babies that have recently been born into our family. We definitely know how loved this little boy is, and we are so thankful for our family.

Titus is three. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that! Last month he moved out of his crib and effortlessly transitioned into a “big boy bed”. He’s also learned how to call people using Siri (I’m so sorry if he calls you on a whim!). He knows every letter of the alphabet and the sound it makes. He also knows how to spell his name. He is about 90% completely potty trained! These days he loves Thomas the Train, Elmo, Cookie Monster, cars and trucks, YouTube videos (phonics songs and Bob the Train), sleeping in/napping, taking a bath, playing the piano, drumming on just about everything, playing outside, dinosaurs, and dogs. He loves his friends and shows empathy toward others. Titus is a hoot! He is so funny! He still loves his mama to the moon, and his daddy is his best buddy!

We cherish every day with this boy! I never ever knew I could love someone so much. God shows me so much wisdom through the love I have for Titus. From the reflection of love God has for His children to the example I lead for my own son.  Our lives are forever changed and we are so grateful for the son God gave to us. Even more grateful for the Son God gave to us all.


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