Evans Family Portraits ::{ Athens, Georgia Photographer }::

I sure do hope that my boys are as sweet as Carter and Parker when they get a little older. I am telling you these kids are awesome! This family as a whole is absolutely wonderful! I loved every minute of our session.

Family sessions are so important, in my opinion. Yes, family photography sessions do provide beautiful photos to show off on your Christmas cards and your Instagram. They also can become lovely embellishments on the walls of your home to bring personality and life to your home decor…. But my favorite reason of all to have family portraits made is to preserve a moment in time that is so quickly fleeting.

As the years go by, old family photos can become a sentimental treasure simply because of one fact; Time changes things. One day you’ll look back at an old photograph and find that your baby boy now has facial hair and is moving off to college. You’ll find that your sweet princess is now becoming a mother herself. You’ll find a few more wise grey hairs on your hubby’s head (and you may even find he is even more handsome that way). And whether we want to think about it or not, there’s a reality that sometimes these photos may be the only tangible item we have to remember a loved one who will pass away one day. I have even thought to myself, that if/when something tragic should happen to me, portraits of me just might possibly be something that my loved ones and children will cherish one day. Even if that is 50 years from now. It will happen. And that is so convicting, let me tell you!

So do yourself and your loved ones a favor and make memories! Be present. Be involved. Be IN PHOTOS!!

A great place to start is with a session with me, haha… But for real though — I’d be more than happy to document your precious family at this season of your lives. 🙂

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