Alice In Wonderland Themed Luncheon

When your stepfather is a professional chef on top of the Atlanta market and your mother is a creative soul who loves to work with florals for fun, you have to know that your wedding journey is going to be a good one!

Alyssa celebrated her upcoming wedding with her bridesmaids and closest family gals for an incredible bridesmaids luncheon at her mother’s home in the beautiful suburbs of Atlanta. This Alice In Wonderland inspired gathering was like no other bridesmaids luncheon I had ever seen before! And when I found out that her mother decorated it all was I was beyond impressed! All the floral arrangements were gorgeous but my favorite was the “floating” chandelier of florals that hung above the table from an invisible chain line. There were pops of red and green in all the arrangements which made for an appealing aesthetic. Everything was so elegant and beautiful!

The ladies were treated to a four-course meal prepared by Alyssa’s stepfather who is a professional chef. They mingled over mimosas and were served the most delectable breakfast dishes! Gifts were shared and pictures were taken! And everything ended with a little dance party! It was literally a dream! I am so glad I got to be a part of it!

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