Bridal Portraits at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia ::{ Athens, GA Wedding Photographer }::

Wow!… That’s really all this blog post needs… is just… wow! …But I’m a talker. So naturally, I’m going to share all the fun details about Sarah’s bridal session with you in addition to my “Wow” statement…

Well, obviously Sarah makes a stunning bride! But she’s more than that. This girl has a beautiful soul. In a world where brides can easily become obsessed with having all the details “just so”, this girl is such a great example to all of us of being humble and content in all that’s around. You can tell she’s wise beyond her years, and I just love that about her. Sshe’s authentic and keeps her eyes on the important things. I think she’s a beautiful human, inside and out. I am honored that she chose me to be a part of her wedding celebration!

In case you’re wondering where all the rest of the wedding photos went, they are coming soon in another blog post! Don’t fret, my friends. These photos actually happened before the wedding day ever came. This is what you call a bridal session. A bridal session is a session that takes place prior to the wedding day, featuring just the bride herself in her whole gitup. I do these sessions from time to time and really have enjoyed them.

Wedding days oftentimes can feel rushed and just the hype of the whole day can be quite overwhelming for some brides. Having a bridal session beforehand gives us unrushed time to work together, resulting in beautiful imagery that can be used (and was used for her wedding day) to decorate the ceremony/reception area. I love it when I see guests viewing a printed portrait displayed at the wedding. Guests get the opportunity to survey the dress details and swoon over how beautiful the bride is–since it might not be as easy to do that in person during the wedding reception. I find these sessions also help my brides feel more at ease in front of the camera on the actual wedding day as they experience what it’s like to work with me one-on-one. Not to mention, if you are able to do a session like this on a beautiful day like this day you can at least bank on having perfect bridal portraits no matter what the weather holds on the actual wedding day.

A few years ago, I did a bridal session for her future sister-in-law at this same garden. I think it’s so fascinating how each session brings its own flair to the table. Even though I shot Brooke’s Bridal Session at this same place I feel the sessions each have their own story. And honestly I didn’t want them to be identical. That just goes to show you that even if you revisit the same locations that doesn’t mean your photographer will run out ideas or make some sort of cookie-cutter session out of your time with them. It’s our passion to be creative and reinvent. And when we’re given the space to do that, great things can happen.

The State Botanical Gardens of Georgia in Athens did not disappoint on this gorgeous early-summer day! The lighting was perfect! The flowers were in full bloom! We did have to dodge a gecko or two, but I honestly think we rocked this one out of the park, what do you think?

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